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Water Injection Proving


When crude oil is traded the value of the batch is determined by a measurement system. To value the batch BOTH the quantity and the quality must be accurately determined. With the ever increasing price of crude oil the accuracy and verification of these measurements is becoming of ever increasing significance. The quantity of the oil is measured via a metering system and the accuracy of this measurement is regularly proven by the use of a meter prover.

The accuracy of the quality measurement determination is also fundamental to determining the value of the batch, this is determined by the use of a quality sampling system; this must also be proven to confirm that the sampling accuracy is suitable for fiscal duty.

Jiskoot offer performance measurement testing services to prove the sampling system by water injection testing. This process is independently witnessed and will validate that your sampling system is operating at its optimum level and providing a sample in accordance with the requirements of the International Sampling Standards.


It is advisable that the sampling system performance is validated on an annual, biannual or a triannual basis.


Furthermore it is recommended that when any change in the process conditions occurs the system is reproved to confirm the installed systems suitability for the new revised process conditions.



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