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Unique solution for LNG barge application

Jan 27, 2011

Cameron has manufactured and shipped a Jiskoot IsoFraction LNG sampling system to the Middle East to be installed on an LNG barge in Western Europe.

The Jiskoot IsoFraction™ LNG sampling system is unique when compared with other solutions for this application in that it is supplied with a guarantee. The performance guarantee ensures that the system will have repeatability for BTU and density of 0.2% or better when validated in accordance with BS12838, the standard for proving performance of LNG systems.

The Jiskoot IsoFraction™ LNG sampling system will replace the client's existing system that is demonstrating poor performance. It will use the existing sample probe to avoid a complete shutdown of the LNG pipeline thus ensuring uninterrupted production for the facility.

A vaporiser system, designed to control the re-gasification process of the LNG, will be close coupled to the existing probe raising the temperature from -163° C to approximately +20°C, enabling collection of the fully representative gas samples that will be held under pressure.

To learn more about Jiskoot IsoFraction™ LNG sampling system, click here.

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