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Offshore sampling and analysis system for West Africa

May 05, 2010

Cameron has manufactured and shipped a Jiskoot™ Fast loop sampling and analysis system to be installed on a FPSO off the coast of West Africa.
The Fast Loop Sampling and Analysis System will extract a representative sample from the main process line. The sample flows through a dual pumped sample/analysis loop which is designed to have no water traps and sufficient fluid velocity to maintain sample representivity and homogeneity throughout the system.
The sampling/analysis system includes dual densitometers, water-in-oil monitors and the standard Jiskoot cell sampler. The enclosure will be heated to maintain an even temperature to avoid solid or wax formation. The system is fully isolatable so any maintenance work can be carried out with no impact on the main process line.
The objective of the density measurement is to provide the fluid density that is fed into the flow computer to calculate the mass of hydrocarbon transferred. The density measurement standard clearly recognizes the non-homogenous fluids such as oil and water and how the densitometer should be installed in a location that is representative and in accordance with ISO 3171 or API 6.2.
Cameron specialise in the supply of sampling and density measurement systems with combined power mixing solutions to guarantee that both the sampling and density measurement is taken at a location that is in accordance with ISO 3171. This removes any inaccuracies in density measurements that may occur through the use of densitometers installed in a by-pass loop which is extracted from an inadequately mixed pipeline.
A typical system configuration would include a sampler, dual or single density and pressure and temperature to provide the measurement reference conditions. This can be supplied as a single package by Cameron who will provide a performance guarantee to the representivity and density measurement.
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