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ISO sampler proving success

Apr 28, 2009

Cameron’s Jiskoot Quality Systems business unit has supplied a CoJetix® sampling system for installation on a 40” crude oil line between a terminal and tank farm in Europe.
The system is Bi-directional and will be sampling crude oils flowing into and out of the terminal. In operation, a proportion of the crude oil is withdrawn from the pipeline using either of the large opening take-off Quills and pumped to the return nozzle assembly. The Nozzle has a number of small holes in it, so that the fluid is re-injected in the form of high velocity jets, positioned at the bottom of the pipeline. Thus the maximum energy addition is in the part of the pipeline cross-section where it is most required, i.e. where the water concentration is highest.
The CoJetix® sampling system uses the patented Jiskoot JetMix technology and fast loop system. Efficiency is improved and costs are reduced by combining the two loops, in an application where mixing is required.
The system undertook Water injection testing in February and was awarded Grade A certification meeting the ISO 3171 standards and achieved an uncertainty, in 1 run, of -0.01% accuracy. This therefore proves that the design of the CoJetix® system offers the highest accuracy of any sampling system and can be proved by water injection to retrieve the water within an accuracy of +/- 0.05%.
Jiskoot were selected to execute this contract due to their track record of producing sampling systems that reduce costs and deliver Return on Investment.


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