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LNG sampling system has higher accuracy and lower costs

Jun 02, 2007

Jiskoot engineered its new high-accuracy IsoFraction LNG automatic sampling system to eliminate the performance limitations and uncertainties of traditional LNG sampling and GC feed systems while also reducing the costs and operating complexities of alternative ISO 8943 compliant technologies.

The IsoFraction system allows operators to achieve an accuracy of better than +/-0.15% thus overcoming the low accuracy problem associated with the existing systems. Customers using these systems have reported errors of 2% and more, this inaccuracy can cause significant potential losses.

Considerably less complex than alternative technologies, it is also less prone to operator errors and requires significantly less maintenance, reducing a main operating cost as well as installation costs.

Fully complying with the ISO 8943 (2007) sampling standard and the API 14.1 gas sampling standard, the IsoFraction sampling system’s fully automatic operation eliminates the need for manual operator set-up and manual intervention at the end of a batch to extract the samples, which can cause errors in sample representivity.

The system starts and stops immediately in line with the loading or unloading cycle, which ensures that the sample is fully representative of the batch.  Unaffected by changes in line pressure or flow, it can be used in applications where unloading pressure varies significantly or where flow rate changes during LNG custody transfer. 

Systems can be fully integrated with gas chromatographs, supplying any online GC device with a representative feed.  They use Jiskoot grab samplers and 3 constant pressure cylinders (CPC’S) to ensure an accurate sample is produced, suitable for custody transfer.


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