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Sampler system for North Sea

May 16, 2007

Jiskoot has designed and manufactured three sampling systems for installation on a North Sea oil and gas platform. The systems provide the operator with accurate and reliable daily / weekly sampling.

The set-up comprises a liquid fast loop system, an automatic gas sampling system and a manual gas sampling system. The whole system was installed on an open frame to allow installation in the clients holding and to take advantage of the existing fire and gas detection systems. 

The liquid fast loop system employs three Jiskoot 210 cell samplers while both gas systems have two Jiskoot G5 gas samplers each individually isolatable from the line via double block and bleed valves.  Each 210 sampler has a bypass valve which enables it to be serviced whilst continuing to use the sampling system.

Each sampler can feed one of two Jiskoot CPC sample receivers, fitted with 80% proximity switches, via an electrically operated solenoid valve. The CPC receivers maintain samples at line pressure to ensure sample representivity.

The liquid sampling loop cabinet was constructed of 1in pipe work to ensure representivity while the gas sampler cabinets used ¼in pipe work.  The systems were designed for PED, ATEX and ISO3171 compliance.


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