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Online tool revolutionises crude oil sampling

Nov 05, 2007

The new Jiskoot Sampler Selection Tool is an innovative and unique web-based programme allowing users to freely evaluate the performance of their existing sampling systems and even to run “what if” scenarios by changing various components of their sampling and mixing systems.

Accessed via the Jiskoot website by getting a log-in from the company, the tool works in an easy-to-use online mode. At any point during the assessment process users can get comprehensive reports detailing both optimal sampling system design and certain return on investments and also any system design considerations that may be required to handle issues such as high vapour pressure, waxy crude and high/low viscosity.

Using comparative data from over 200 water injection proving tests, the tool includes the mixing calculations contained with the sampling standards. It enables users to make a quick assessment of both uncertainty improvements and return on investment that could be delivered from changing sampling system design or components.

A unique feature is the tool’s ability to make assessments of natural mixing within piping elements such as a metering skid, flow valves and static mixers. It also summarises whether any particular sampling application will comply with the sampling standards ISO 3171 and API 6.2. Users can make accurate assessments of likely compliance of the mixing, which is one of most crucial elements in accurate sampling.

The tool has a number of links to reference data such as laboratory standards and all assessments are made using the extensive HMC4 loss control committee database of worldwide crude oils.  Users can also add crude oils to this list.

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