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Crude Oil Custody Transfer Success!

Feb 14, 2014

Cameron’s JISKOOT™ team recently ran an extremely successful Crude Oil Custody Transfer Sampling Training Seminar at their UK JISKOOT Technology center in February 2014.

This very focused one-day training seminar was developed to meet customer demands for better information about the international sampling standards, the performance of different types of sampling systems, proving the uncertainty of custody transfer sampling systems, and key operator processes to ensure that representative samples are extracted which are traceable and compliant with international sampling standards.  The training seminar was specifically designed to be given in small groups to enable interactivity and freedom of knowledge transfer.

Global Business Development Director, Jon Moreau, and the Director of Project Management, Gary Potten, who have a combined experience of nearly 40 years in custody transfer sampling led this training seminar which was attended by seven delegates.

Cameron plans to offer further regional training courses covering these topics in the USA and Asia. Please click here to register your interest 

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