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First Jiskoot IsoFraction LNG sampling system for Africa

Oct 01, 2009

Jiskoot Quality Systems, part of Cameron, has received an order for an automatic IsoFraction™ LNG sampling system which is to be installed at a LNG export terminal in Africa.

Although Jiskoot Quality Systems has installed a significant number of LNG and Gas sampling systems around the world, this is the first one to be ordered for Africa. The recent boom in the African LNG market, and growth in the size of LNG vessels, has led to a need to ensure that LNG cargoes are measured as accurately as possible. Even small errors in BTU measurement can mean cargoes could be undervalued by as much as US $1.25/MT upwards.

The Jiskoot IsoFraction LNG sampling system is unique when compared with other solutions for this application in that it is supplied with a performance guarantee. This performance guarantee validates that the system will have repeatability for BTU and density of 0.2% or better when validated in accordance with BS12838, the standard for proving performance of LNG systems.

The system has ATEX certification, and was selected for batch valuation as it is able to automatically extract 3 representative samples simultaneously. The Jiskoot LNG sampling system will replace the existing system that is demonstrating poor performance. It will use the existing sample probe to avoid a complete shutdown of the LNG pipeline thus ensuring uninterrupted production for the facility. A vaporiser system, designed to control the re-gasification process of the LNG, will be close coupled to the existing probe raising the temperature from -163°C to approximately +20°C, enabling collection of the fully representative gas samples that will be held under pressure.


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